Early 1990s: The Group Was Born

In the early 1990s, a group of (mostly-British) native English-speaking women living in and around Lyon set up an informal group called the Mother and Toddler Group to organise playgroups for their children. As their children were growing up in bilingual, bicultural families (English / French) and were attending French schools, they wanted to encourage their children to speak, read, and write in English and to learn about Anglophone cultural traditions. Initially, the group met in members’ homes, and then at a hall in Tassin.

2001: An Informal Group Turned Official Association

With the group’s membership growing steadily, in 2001 the Mother and Toddler Group decided to form an Association (loi 1901) and changed the name to the English-Speaking Mothers’ Group. At this time, the group started to use the Salle de Presbytere in the 8th district of Lyon as a base for their activities.

2014: A New, More Inclusive Name

In 2014, the association voted to change its name to the English-Speaking Families’ Group Lyon, to focus more clearly on involving families, including children and dads, in their activities.

2023: Present Day

Though time has passed, the purpose of the ESFG Lyon has always been the same: to pass on our Anglophone cultural heritage and give our children opportunities to practice their English. We do this through various activities like playgroups, family outings, holiday events, and more.