ESFG Lyon is run by a Committee which meets monthly to discuss membership applications, budgets and spending, to organise parties and other events.

The Committee has a maximum of 10 members. Within the Committee, the Board includes: President, Vice-President(s), Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-Secretary (Membership). All the Committee members and the Board are elected at our Annual General Meeting held in September each year.

Louise Belfiore, President

Welcome! I am a business owner, specializing in baby clothes. I have lived in France for more than 15 years, coming as a teenager when my parents retired in sunny France. I joined ESFG when my daughter was about 9 months old, in 2015. I have found continued support with the group as my child grows, and made strong friendships. Sometimes the cultural differences can be tough to deal with alone, especially when it comes to children, that’s one of the many great reasons ESFG has such great enthusiastic members. I have been on the committee since September 2015, am coordinators for the 0-3 baby playgroup activities. I volunteered to be a secretary in September 2016, and am excited to be a part of bringing good times and fun to all our members.
I hope you’ll find as much here as I have, I look forward to meeting you.

Kathryn Bartlett, Secretary
Originally from the North East of Scotland, having lived and worked in many places in between, I moved to the Lyon area in 2014 with my husband. We joined the ESFG just before we arrived in France and found it an invaluable source of information before and after our daughter was born. I have a passion for cooking especially baking and so for me one of the greatest pleasures of living in the Lyon area is the wonderful food, not to mention wine!

Fortuna Blondeau, Membership Secretary
I have been living in Lyon since 2000, after moving here from London. My husband is French and we have two children, Gabriella (9) and Rafael (6).
I joined the ESFG back in 2009, when Gabriella was 3 months old, and it was a true lifeline for me during those challenging first months. Thanks to the events organized by the group, I got out and about with my baby several times a week, met many wonderful families and have watched their children grow up over the years.
I have been on the committee as Membership Secretary since 2013, and enjoy welcoming new members to the group and continuing to see it grow and evolve.

Jane Rodriguez, Secretary in charge of the French administration and Baby Playgroup coordinator
Originally from a village called Mere in deepest darkest Wiltshire (South-West England) where people really do talk like the Wurzels – oooarrr! I studied in Leeds (French and German) and Bath (Translating and Interpreting), and before I moved to Lyon I spent some time living in Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and other parts of France. My partner got a job here as a law lecturer so I ‘followed’. I actually spent some time here as an au pair during my gap year back in… well that doesn’t matter… and always thought it would be somewhere I’d like to live later on. I’m a freelance certified translator.

I work from home part-time and spent the rest of my time taking care of my kids. It’s a juggling act but I love the perks of being self-employed and the chance to watch my children grow up. I have a son named Elias (8) and a daughter called Lila (2). My role on the committee is to deal with all French admin. I also run Baby Playgroup in the hall every 2nd and 4th Wednesday morning of the month.

Ruth McKain, Vice-president
Welcome to Lyon! I am a former environmental planner and researcher who worked in Scotland and New Zealand before jumping into full-time motherhood in Lyon. I arrived in 2008 with my husband and an 8 month-old baby boy. In the years since we arrived, ESFG Lyon has been a great source of friendship, advice and support as we’ve adjusted to life in France – and added another boy to our family. As President I aim to help the association develop as it continues to grow in size, and to keep offering support and advice to English-speaking families that come to live in Lyon.

I’ve been a member of ESFG Lyon since 2008 and President since 2012. I look forward to getting to know all our members, new and old, and having some fun along the way.

Michelle Lockhart, Committee member
Hi. I have been Brit in Lyon for the last 10 years. I live with my French partner Tom and our two girls 7 & 4. I joined the group when our second daughter came along, during my parental leave when I had two small children at home the group became an invaluable sanctuary for me to meet new people, get out and around the city and also keep the English language alive in my house!

Shortly after joining the group I decided to get more involved and I became the baby playgroup coordinator, one thing led to another and now three years later I am still part of the committee and still enjoy being involved with the group as much as my busy schedule allows.