The ESFG Calendar makes it easy for members to arrange informal events and get-togethers in addition to the official events organised and overseen by the Committee. Most of these events are held in member’s homes or in other suitable venues like parks, child-friendly cafés or play areas. When hosting at home the host provides simple refreshments such as coffee, tea and biscuits. Parents should note that the age ranges given below are for guidance only: older and younger siblings may also attend events. Further information about the events and contact details for the organisers are provided in the Calendar, which is shared with ESFG members each month.

Coffee Mornings / Afternoon Tea
Get together for coffee, tea, cake and a chat. A great way to meet English-speaking people in your neighbourhood. Coffee mornings are open to all members, with or without their children.

Music Groups
These involve singing songs and making music with young children. The host can choose a theme for the event, which can be as simple as ‘Favourite Songs’, or they can provide word sheets and teach the group some new songs. Popular themes include Animals, Weather, Winter etc. Open to all members, and especially popular with the pre-maternelle 1-3yr olds.

Baby Groups
These are informal get-togethers for families who are expecting a baby or already have young babies, aged 0-2yrs. The host provides refreshments and may propose a subject to talk about, like Babywearing or a specific activity such as Storytime etc. but this is not compulsory. Most parents of young children are happy just to have some adult company for themselves and activities for their children! Expectant parents, and those with very young babies (up to 6 months) can meet up and talk about pregnancy, birth options, post-natal care etc and can be particularly useful for couples who have recently arrived in France or are having their first child here.

Book Swaps
These events give members the opportunity to talk about something other than their children! No set reading required, book exchanges are simply a chance to talk about and swap some books that you have enjoyed reading. Daytime book swaps will often include children accompanying their parent(s), while evening book swaps are child-free and can be combined with a Potluck Supper, or just drinks and nibbles. Book swaps are usually hosted in a member’s home.

Family Trips and Outings
Other popular, informal events include playdates in a park or ludothéque, a picnic lunch, a family ramble at the weekend, or a trip to a swimming pool, ice rink or softplay venue. All ESFG members are welcome to use the ESFG Calendar to schedule these events.

Informal Events for Parents
From time to time, members organise social events specifically for parents. In the past these have included cinema nights, pub quizzes, fine dining and wine tasting. As above, members can use the ESFG Calendar to organise these events.

The ESFG Book Club meets once a month to talk about a book chosen by members. Dates of upcoming meetings are included in the Calendar.